WEYV.IO Integration Suite

A superyacht is not just a yacht with super systems !


Despite the rapidly increasing complexity of today's superyachts, construction, maintenance and technical operations need to be fast, efficient and result in superior quality.  

The biggest step forward for achieving this goal is going to happen through the digital transformation of products, processes and companies involved.

In this chain, WEYV.IO is your partner for business value extraction when it comes to digitalisation of the most important element - the yacht itself.

While digitalisation is a widely used word, we define it as the following in the context of a superyacht:

  1. Interconnection of the yacht's technical OT and IT systems for easy, precise and controllable exchange of data between sources and consumers and for unlocking data silos.

  2. Existence of a secure and manufacturer-independent on-board data platform which is compatible with cloud platforms and service models and compliant with existing information models for easy and safe forwarding of relevant information to stakeholders and permitted  service providers.

Using state-of-the-art Industrial IoT methods and technologies, WEYV.IO provides consulting and products with the purpose of preparing yachts for the digital, data-driven future.

WEYV.IO offers one unified approach for data management and data security, which paves the way for digital use cases across all technical domains on board a yacht.

We'd love to be your partner for

           WEaving Your Vessel's Data



In close collaboration with your experts, WEYV.IO supports you with analysing the status quo, identification of value-creating use cases and developing a long-term strategy with suitable goals.

Our team of IIoT, cloud, OT, IT, web and mobile development experts will build your solution exactly according to your needs - on time and in budget, using a proven data management platform

While your teams can focus on building, managing and operating the ship, we ensure reliable operations of your data management platform - on board and in the cloud



With the (Industrial) Internet of Things, there are more and more use cases and ideas for business cases and for new business models. However, often the biggest obstacle lies at the very beginning - making data available, accessible, sound and secure.

WEYV.IO can enable your business for generating benefits from utilising the yachts' data, and we can also support you with planning, implementing and operating entire solutions.

Our particular strength, however, lies in designing and setting up the underlying foundation for any future solution - the data governance platform on board the yacht.

It provides data integrity, data availability, data usability and data security. Furthermore it properly addresses the omnipresent question "Whom does the data belong to and who is in charge of managing the access rights?"

Using a proven and trusted Industrial IoT Edge Application and Connectivity Platform, the WEYV.IO Integration Suite offers smart and secure means for data transmission inside the vessel as well as to shore-based cloud services or corporate IT environments.