Our On-board Data Platform

WEYV.IO Integration Suite

The WEYV.IO Integration Suite is a platform that manages connectivity and provides best data governance for any high technology asset at sea.

It is loaded with a yacht-specific set of tools and features and provides data integrity, data availability, data usability and data security. Furthermore it addresses the omnipresent question "Whom does the data belong to and who is in charge of managing the access rights?"

Using a proven Industrial IoT Edge Application and Connectivity Platform as the underlying foundation, WEYV.IO provides the single API  (Application Programming Interface) that connects your yacht reliably and securely to any on- or off-board databases, clouds or other any other IT or OT systems.

The WEYV.IO Integration Suite offers smart and secure means for data transmission inside the vessel as well as to shore-based systems.

The software platform can run on existing on-board IT infrastructure and supports convenient means for all data operations like verification, conversion, contextualization, distribution - always using strongest data encryption.

The container-based software architecture provides a central environment for hosting software services from other suppliers which do not require special hardware.

Among other features, the Integration Suite comes with various options for process automation - including low-code and no-code editing.

on-board data gateway

software process automation

modular software architecture

industry standards and open API

visualization and data recording

clouds and IT ecosystems


On-board data gateway

The core functionality of the WEYV.IO Integration Suite is its ability to connect with on-board systems, convert data into a standardised format and route information wherever it is needed and permitted.

Received data is processed and verified and then mapped with the ship's information model.

Using such model and its contextualized data allows a unified, holistic on-board data management in one central and structured user interface.

The information model is constantly adapted to maritime conventions (e.g. ISO 19848), but can easily be extended where needed.

Today, our gateway supports OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, BACnet, MQTT, KNX, REST, CAN, Profinet, to name only a few. There are also various PLC-specific connectors available.


Modular software architecture

Spoken in IoT words, the WEYV.IO Integration Suite is an Industrial IoT Edge and Application Platform.

Being at the point where all data comes together, the modular software architecture also allows connecting applications and services right inside the WEYV.IO Integration Suite.

The highly-secure platform allows running Docker Images, which can contain any software services, e.g. edge data analytics, visualizations, remote maintenance or passenger information.

Instead of having dozens of suppliers, service providers and manufacturers installing their own hardware on board, the WEYV.IO Integration Suite provides a central, solid and safe deployment and hosting platform for integration into the on-board IT systems.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Visualization and data recording

There is a lot of focus on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning these days. Although we pave the way for that, it is sometimes simple access to data that helps finding issues, explaining failures or even seeing them before they happen.

Data entering the WEYV.IO Integration Suite can be recorded, visualized or exported with only a few clicks and without any coding required.

Create custom, browser-based dashboards that help troubleshooting or managing technical systems during construction, maintenance or operations.

Alerts can be forwarded to the alerting system of your choice (e.g. SMS, Whatsapp, Twilio). By automatically pushing tickets to your already existing work ticketing system, there is no need for 'yet another task tracking tool'.


Process automation

Automating technical processes is usually done where sensors and actors are managed - in the individual subsystems of the yacht.

However, with the demand for implementing more complex features while exposing less complexity to guests and crews, many functional requirement need to be implemented across multiple systems, meaning multiple systems and suppliers are involved for automating processes.

In that case, the higher-level domain ('the ship') should optimally manage and execute the automation/integration - as it is the domain where data and APIs of the subsystems come together.

The WEYV.IO Integration Suite provides several options for automation - based on input data from the connected systems.

Complex automation and data analytics tasks can be handled through process-specific programs, while scripting and low-code editors for classical automation tasks are also part of the WEYV.IO Integration Suite.


Industry standards & open API

Part of our product vision is being an open platform, that does not impose any limitations on its user. Under all circumstances, our clients shall be protected from a vendor or manufacturer lock-in that reduces the options for easily implementing future use cases.

Some of our measures for keeping this promise:

  • open and modular Docker-based architecture for integration  of applications and services (read here for details)

  • open APIs which allows any platform to connect for receiving or transmitting data

  • conformity with ISO 19848 - Ships and marine technology — Standard data for shipboard machinery and equipment and
    ISO 19847:2018 - Ships and marine technology — Shipboard data servers to share field data at sea

  • compliance with DIN SPEC 27070 - Requirements and reference architecture of a security gateway for the exchange of industry data and services” by the International Data Spaces Association)

  • compliance with IEC 62443 - Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems: Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components

  • Infractructure-as-code

  • Failover-support and Cluster-operations

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Black Puzzle Pieces

Cloud and IT ecosystems

An IT eco-systems of a company is never static. The increasing demand for connecting assets with e.g. company cloud solutions, an ERP, Data Lakes, Warehouses or a Smartwatch requires an open connector for your asset to the outside world.

The WEYV.IO Integration Suite is the central point for all data on board and enables connectivity to all cloud, IoT and/or corporate IT solutions. Use cases could be for example

  • condition monitoring services by the engine manufacturers

  • hull stress monitoring  by the shipyard or classification society

  • airflow and component monitoring by the HVAC servicing company

  • emissions reporting through external service providers

  • automation of Ballast Water Management Plan preparation

  • status reporting to Fleet Management headquarters

  • storing of your data in DNV's Veracity Data Fabric

Being able to establish encrypted connections to any external data destination through one central on-board platform makes  data traffic easier to manage and therefore safer than having unmanaged and intransparent off-board data gateways.

Examples of supported platforms/services:

Cloud: Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure

ERP: SAP, Oracle

MES: Hydra, Orbis, SAP MES

IoT: Adamos, Cumulocity, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Siemens Mindsphere, Thingworx